… or why cheap can also be valuable.

Diving is not exactly the cheapest sport. At least, that’s what everyone who values quality and therefore brands in their diving equipment has found out. It is true that the prices have become more transparent through the store websites of the diving stores and senders. But still applies: Good is expensive.

Everyone makes so his experiences with Ebay. But if you know what you are doing, you can also make a bargain on Ebay. Personally, however, I would make gradations. And they are also possible on EBay.

My personal choices would be:

my life depends on it = regulator, tanks, jacket, dive computer, mask, torch.
I buy this equipment from real dive stores or designated professional senders. Googling helps here to the truth and can save lives ! Finger away from private sellers !

Wearable and warming = wet-, semidry- or drysuit, gloves, booties, headgear
For this equipment, I also try to go through powersellers with appropriate expertise. However, if a bargain literally screams at you, it depends on your own disgust factor whether you would buy a worn suit, for example. Personally, I find that such a Saktrotan hygiene rinse can take the terror out of a bargain.

Useful = backpacks, suitcases, T-shirts, battery kits, fins and Co.
Here the personal taste decides. I also buy these things at the Powerseller or at the dive store around the corner.
My last deal is a drysuit from Poseidon. The Jetsuit Technica ! I went to Poseidon’s website before for this suit and measured myself according to Poseidon’s sizing. Then I searched and found this suit in “L” on Ebay. Used, well preserved and according to the seller absolutely tight. I bought it for 10% of the original price and paid it with Paypal and buyer protection. When it arrived it was bathed with said sanitizer and then dried. The suit is perfect, fits great and is more than worth the money !

One more tip to finish: I personally pay for security reasons only with PayPal or at pickup. Once money is transferred, it is gone. And you have no recourse. I have tried this myself … but only once. Even the police and the public prosecutor’s office have their hands tied. And it happens more often than you think. At the police there is a separate form for “Internet fraud Ebay” !